Now is the time to look at delivery beyond our current horizons.

As we gradually emerge from COVID-induced lockdowns, educators, learners, and employers across Europe are evaluating how best to embrace and navigate new dynamics around assessment. Covid-19 shone a spotlight on the divides in society and created new expectations for technology’s role across all aspects of our lives. As creators and providers of assessments, we have a responsibility to deliver products that provide equitable access to the fairest testing experience.

Bring your ideas and imagination and come prepared to discuss the following topics:

Digitising Assessment

Focuses on all aspects of the digitisation of the assessment process, from paper to on-screen, centre to remote, paper certification to digital and micro-credentials, and more. Every aspect, from marketing, authoring, delivery to certification, looking at challenges and opportunities such as scaling, connectivity, and digital access.

Understanding Your Candidate

Focuses on understanding the new expectations of candidates towards assessment. This may include matters to address a shift in their value of testing, issues relating to digital poverty, equity in assessment, and access.

Innovation in Assessment

Focuses on groundbreaking disruptive technologies on the horizon such as biometrics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning as well as new techniques in test design and delivery.

Learning and Assessment

Focuses on technology and how the industry can personalise assessments to assist people to learn at their own pace, provide tangible results for the individual, or provide flexible, tailored assessment that is responsive to the needs of industry and employment.

Assessment Standards and Benchmarks

Addresses the importance of independent judgements and consistency with regard to measurement. The focus here is on the relationship between trust and currency of outcomes. This focuses on the assessment industry and how it is developing and innovating while ensuring standards are being met, assessments are valid and transparent.

The Business of Certifications, Qualifications and Accreditation

Addresses the goals, purpose, and policies of establishing authentic assessments for certification, qualifications and/or accreditation. Topics may include best models of the different stakeholders impacted by the assessment and how they shape markets, the stakes involved (for all parties including Govt) and expected outcomes, plus ways of measuring.

Join E-ATP and its community of dedicated leaders, virtually on 27 September – 29 September 2021 as we share and debate ideas about how to ensure your assessments meet the needs of a changed Europe.


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