Paul Edelblut

Paul EdelblutVice President, Global Operations, Vantage Labs

Paul Edelblut is the Vice President of Global Operations for Vantage Labs based in the USA. Pauls’ nearly 30 years of experience in both education and technology include a number of posts including teacher, trainer, author, and product developer. Mr. Edelblut is known for his contributions to more than 7 books in the field of medical licensure and for bringing Artificial Intelligence to large scale assessments at GMAC, ACT, ACER, ACARA, the US-CIS and the United Nations. Recently, Paul has focused on leveraging Big Data to improve assessments around the world. Paul has published more than 50 papers and presented at more than 150 conferences. His recent chapter in Adaptive Instructional Systems (Springer 2020) highlights the power of AI to provide real-time adaptive feedback to students leading to dramatic improvements in knowledge.